Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack

Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack

Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack
Boole PolyBoard Pro — интерактивная разработка и изготовка мебели. PolyBoard поддерживает древовидные структуры и списки способов производства мебели в режиме реального времени, модификация мебели с учетом обозначенных материалов, отображение в 2D и 3D, экспорт DXF 3D_Face, совместимый с большинством САПР, таких как AutoCAD, VectorWorks, KitchenDraw, и т.д

Boole PolyBoard Pro — кроме обычных форм мебели, прокладывает путь для всех фантазий.

PolyBoard is an interactive design and manufacturing cabinet software, based on a powerful methological concept (BOOLE & PARTNERS exclusivity)..
PolyBoard supports arborescent cabinet structures, dynamic material styles and manufacturing methods lists, and Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack recalculates cabinets in real time.

As modifications proceed, PolyBoard redraws the cabinet in 2D and 3D, and recalculates its cutting list and toolings, in relation to

The cabinet dimensions, including slopes and unboxings.
The divisions structure (uprights and shelves), the doors and drawers.
The manufacturing method : side master, top master, or mitre joint, applied, rabetted, or slotted back, recesses, overlaps, hardware, regular drilling groups (type 32), etc …
The material, the edges, and the frames style of each cabinet component.

PolyBoard supports parametric fitting links, and edits a global hardware Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack summary as well as a tooling map (drillings and groovings) for each of the cabinet components.
PolyBoard’s Post_Processing export function is compatible with most CNC tooling machines.

2D & 3D Views :
PolyBoard displays the three cabinet 2D views (front, top, and side), and a Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack 3D rendering in relation to material colors and textures.
The PolyBoard built-in 3D function offers several predefined views, and various zoom and rotation tools, which help setting the wished 3D view.
PolyBoard also offers a DXF 3D_Face export function, compatible with most CAD software, such as AutoCad, VectorWorks Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack, KitchenDraw, etc …

Slopes and Unboxings :
With PolyBoard you may design :
Front sloped cabinets, up to 3 different angles in front view.
Side sloped cabinets.
Rear left or rear right unboxed cabinets.

Cutting Lists :
PolyBoard cabinets cutting lists are Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack recalculated in real time, taking into account specified materials, possible oversizings, and plated edges thickness.
Cutting lists are exported in OptiCut format, as well as in a «Text» format compatible with most spreadsheets and cutting optimization software.

Material Styles :
PolyBoard supports a dynamic material style list : A material Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack style associates a different material to each cabinet component.
After applying another material sytle from the list, the cabinet is rebuilt instantaneously with this new style’s materials.
The same principle applies to edges styles.

Manufacturing Methods :
PolyBoard supports a dynamic Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack manufacturing method list : A manufacturing method defines all the geometrical and mechanical cabinet assembly rules.
A manufacturing method also specifies whether the back is applied, slotted, or rabetted, determines recesses and overlaps values, and defines each of the fitting links hardware type.

Interactive Modifications :
Once Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack the cabinet is designed with a material style and a manufacturing method, a «double clic» on a cabinet component will allow its position, its material, or its edges modification.
In the same way, a «double clic» on a fitting link will allow its hardware modification.

Toolings and Hardware :
To each fitting link, PolyBoard manufacturing methods associates a hardware type and a positionning rule.
Vertical divisions toolings (sides, uprights, and verticals) follow regular drilling groups rules, such as type 32.
PolyBoard edits a global cabinet hardware summary, and a tooling map for each of the cabinet components Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack.

PolyBoard’s Post_Processor is compatible with most CNC tooling machines.
PolyBoard generates a parametric DXF format (colors, line styles, and layer names), as well as WoodWop MPR (Weeke), Xilog Plus XXL (SCM), BiesseWorks CID (Rover) formats.

Год выхода: 2016
Версия: 6.01a
Платформа: Windows® XP/7/8/8.1/10
Язык Интерфейса: English
Пилюля: Crack
Размер: 12.93 MB

Title Release: Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack
License: Cracked
OS: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Release Date: 2018
Requires: No Special Requirements

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Polyboard Pro-PP 6.01a + Crack

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